Timeless Art started in Malmö 2005. We are two photographer who share the same passion, to tell a story with an image. 

It all started as a hobby but with time and effort it became a fulltime employment inside the art of photograph. Our mainly assignment are inside music and news.

But we also cover other areas as you can see in our material.

Photos on the artist are specially protected by copyright and sharing.


The Artist can whenever they wish use our photos for personal use. But only in small limited edition. Publication of any photo is only allowed with the approval of T.A.

Broadcasting media who wishes to use one or several of our photos should contact T.P. before. In order to avoid future dissatisafaction.

Private persons who wish to purchase are welcome.

However theres only a limited edition of the photos for sale. This is to retain a certain exclusivity in every photo.


Not all photos are for sale.

If you have any question regarding assignment or purchase of a photo please contact us. 

Please visit the homepage continously since we are continously updating the homepage with our newest assignments.

We wish you a pleasant outing on the webpage.


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